Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Three Things . . . I love about Momi Boutique

I have been shopping Momi Boutique for my little girl for the past several months. With each item/dress/set I order, I continue to be impressed with not just the adorable designs but the outstanding quality of Momi Boutique's work. I felt as if it was time to list the three reasons why I love Momi Boutique:

1.) Every design is so original, creative, unique and so perfectly girly. Charming details, beautiful fabrics and amazing styles are found in each item, dress or set that Momi Boutique has to offer. Who wouldn't want to dress their special Princess in one of a kind, custom fit clothing that makes your little girl look like a little girl?!

2.) The attention to detail that Momi Boutique places on each item made is simply unmatched. Before finding Momi Boutique, I shopped for clothing for my daughter at places such as Lord & Taylor, Gap, Macy's and Ralph Lauren, to name just a few, and was disappointed almost every time in those purchases for obvious oversights in the construction of the clothing. No such worries with a purchase from Momi Boutique as every single item is of the highest quality fabric and construction.

3.) Last but certainly not least is Rachel herself. The lady behind all of the wonderfulness that is Momi Boutique. She's a true gem to work with - so friendly and accomodating, she makes shopping at Momi Boutique a truly fantastic experience!

So fellow bloggers, anytime you wish to experience Momi Boutique for yourself, simply check out

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